September – I Love Goats

I think goats are just the cutest animals, and I absolutely love their cheese. I cannot imagine many foods that goat cheese would not improve.

Last month (that’s why this post is labeled September) I attended the Mendocino Apple Fair in Boonville, CA. It’s not the county fair and because of that, feels much more intimate. It’s a good sized fair and includes wonderful dog trials, a contest of sheep herding and dog training skills. If are a dog lover and get a chance to see border collies herd sheep, take advantage. I tried to get a video but we were sitting too far back in the stands.

The Mendocino County Master Gardeners always participate by setting up a horticultural display, part of a yearly contest. It’s a wonderful gardening team event and I was happy to help, although my back was not the same for a few days. The theme was salsa and fiesta, and we took 2nd place.

Master Gardener

Master Gardener

And here are the goats, just a few pictures of the wonderful variety of goats at the fair.

My source of local goat’s cheese, Penny Royal Farmstead, had a presence. They make the most amazing cheese, one of my favorites is a fresh one called Laychee. It’s wonderful on pasta or roast vegetables, instead of butter on a baked potato or crisp toast…on anything really.

Happy Pennyroyal goat

Happy Penny Royal goat

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