June – Travels on the Northern California Coast

Summer is almost here, yeah! I’ve had my warm weather beach experience in Key West, now it’s time for the cooler one on California’s northern coast. Remember Mark Twain said that the coldest winter he ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco? Well, it’s true. The warm central valley on the other side of the hills sucks in the coastal fog, our built in air conditioning. Visitors come from the hot weather center of the state to enjoy the cooler summer near the coast.


I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of the beach nearest our cabin (my second kitchen) in Fort Bragg, CA. “Seaside Beach” should probably be called “Sand Dollar Beach” for all the sand dollars that wash up on the shore.

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Well behaved dogs are allowed off-leash, the perfect place for a romp.

On the way to the beach!

On the way to the beach!

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Whale Rock Seaside Beach

Whale Rock Seaside Beach

At low tide you can see the passageways through Whale Rock. They are now filled in with sand from winter storms, by summer you will be able to walk through.

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Sand dollars gathered over the last couple of years decorate the railing of our cabin.

IMG_3262If you get a chance, visit the northern California coast around Mendocino and Fort Bragg this summer. There are festivals almost every weekend.

4 thoughts on “June – Travels on the Northern California Coast

  1. Liz your description of the Nth Californian coast sounds like SW Victoria, breezes across the water provide natural air conditioning and keep the lid on extreme temperature there too. Your beach looks divine, my pooch would love a frolic there!

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