August in the Kitchen

Hello everyone, no I haven’t dropped off the planet. I’ve just been taking a break and will be back in early September. I’ve missed everyone and am looking forward to catching up with your adventures from the last couple of months.

This summer has been a busy one with travel for work and business, I’ve been to the East coast of the US (three times) plus up and down the West coast from Seattle to San Diego (even more times).

In addition, Northern California has been hot and dry, AND no one in the San Francisco bay area has air conditioning. We’ve been seeing movies for the cool theaters! It’s not weather that makes me eager to spend much time in my own kitchen.


It does make me hungry for fresh fruit, sliced tomatoes, good bread, and local cheese (if anything at all). But, they don’t seem very interesting to blog about.

Heirloom and dry farmed tomatoes

Heirloom and dry farmed tomatoes

I will miss those tomatoes but am looking forward to fall’s cooler weather.

Farmer's Market Corn

Farmer’s Market Corn

Look for more posts starting in September. Let  me know how your summer (or winter) has been going. Were you able to take a break?

8 thoughts on “August in the Kitchen

  1. Hi Liz
    you have been busy, I have been working a lot, did take a week off and did the vacation in my own town, but I travel down in Ky twice not 3 hours one trip and 40 minutes the other trip. So day trips, and I ate at restaurant’s in my area that I had never been too and found some that I have been back again. Getting lots of eggplant and tomatoes from my Dad’s garden so made homemade sauce a couple of time going on my third time here either tonight or tomorrow, and made eggplant parmesan twice and just eating a lot of roasted eggplant. We had a about a week or so of nice cool weather, now today it is getting back to hot and humid…yuk!!
    But that’s it so far, next month is my Birthday wish I could say I had some great things planned but no… LOL
    Okay well see you next month have a great one!!
    Cheers!! 🙂

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