December – Festival of Lights

The Botanical Garden in Fort Bragg (Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens) puts on a Festival of Lights each Holiday season. It is more elaborate each year. We braved the cold wet weather for some holiday cheer.

If a local garden or park does something similar, I urge you to go out and enjoy the sight.

When I was a child, living in Virginia, we always went into Washington D.C. to see the lights at Christmas. I still remember the wonder of those bright decorations in the store fronts and the streets.

We now do something similar, taking the train into San Francisco sometime before Christmas and choosing one special ornament each to remember the year. Do you have your own holiday tradition to honor the light as the days are at their shortest?

Fire breathing dragon

Fire breathing dragon

"Flowers" lights are in wine bottles

“Flowers” lights are in wine bottles

These flowers are made by the colored lights being pushed into wine bottles, fitting for Mendocino wines.

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish and coral



There was even smoke coming from the volcano.

And this was our favorite.

Ship on a storm sea

Ship on a storm sea

We finished our walk just as the rain started.

12 thoughts on “December – Festival of Lights

  1. Glittering lights are one of the best bits about Christmas for me, they’re so pretty, I love seeing them on the houses around us. We always used to take a trip into London to see the Christmas lights 🙂

  2. What fagnificent lights…something that we don’t see much of here in Finland. Every once in a while some one will have strung a string of clear lights on a pine tree in the yard or perhaps around a railing and so it is all rather simple, but beautiful in it’s own way. Your light tour was definitely an elaborate show of color! Happy Holidays!

    • Hello, they were spectacular. A few years ago we didn’t see many residential lights, but now they are back in full force. The show at the Gardens is on an entirely different level! Thank you for visiting. It’s such fun to find out the customs in other countries. Personally I like the elegance of restraint when it comes to decorating with lights. Clear lights are lovely and emphasize the beauty of nature.

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