June – Fort Bragg Remodel IV

The new Fort Bragg kitchen is finished, yeah! There are still several things to complete in the house…new front door, French doors off the kitchen, repair the deck, and shower door. But the most important “heart” of the home is done. We spent the holiday weekend moving back in. It gave us an opportunity to question what we want back in the house. When we purchased it almost 5 years ago, we moved in the “leftovers” from our main house. What do I mean by that? The battered and chipped and odd china and pots and pans (and tattered and torn clothing). When putting things away it gave us a chance to re-evaluate and keep only what we truly love. The house has much more of a minimalist feel.

Here are some before and after pictures of the progress:

Before - Fridge and stove wall

Before – Fridge and stove wall

After - Fridge and Range Wall

After – Fridge and Range Wall

After - New Fridge

After – New Fridge

Before - Island sink and dishwasher

Before – Island sink and dishwasher

After - Edge of New Island and Sink

After – Edge of New Island and Sink

What a pleasure to cook our first meal in the new range (gas top and electric oven), a quick roast chicken that I will be posting. This is the most amazing way to roast a chicken in only 45 minutes.

45 Minute Roast Chicken

45 Minute Roast Chicken

The remodel has been taking up all of our spare time these last few months. I hope to get back to posting more recipes soon, including the one above. You need to have this trick up your sleeve.

Meanwhile we did manage to fit in a hike with the dogs on the “haul road” along the coast.

Coastal Haul Road

Coastal Haul Road


16 thoughts on “June – Fort Bragg Remodel IV

  1. So wonderful to see the transforming thoughtful love and care of the place! A design for beautiful living! I am excited to see it in person, better yet, seeing you and the family (Heather and Oreo are excited to see the family too)!

  2. It must be wonderful to wake up in your “new” place, knowing it’s exactly where you want to be and *almost* exactly how you want it–surrounded by wonderful trees and with the ocean close enough to smell. Good for you! (And the chicken looks amazing!)

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