August – Fort Bragg Remodel Finished!

I love the results of the remodel of our vacation cabin in Fort Bragg, CA! It turned out even better than we had hoped. The entire house looks brighter and larger with the new flooring, but the biggest changes are in the kitchen and bathroom.

Yes, my blog is about cooking and gardening; but also it’s a record of change. Changes in your home ripple and have an effect on your life and mental state. A change in your immediate environment changes you as well. A revamped (even cleaning out your cupboards, pantry and fridge) kitchen will make a difference in your life. That difference may include what is prepared in your kitchen, who comes to dinner, and the general mood of the cook. But it could be bigger. Experts have found that a messy and unorganized kitchen promotes overeating. Think about it, it’s stressful and feels out of control. And if you’re stressed you are much more likely to reach for the chips or the cookies. Ok, enough with the lecture.

Bear with me while I first talk about the new bathroom, but feel free to jump directly to the kitchen.

The “old” bathroom had a sunken tub and a clear glass window immediately to the right of the front door, necessitating a privacy screen. This picture of the front of the house is a little dark and it’s hard to see. I took this one the first week we had the house. It’s amazing how much bigger the bushes have grown over the past four years.

Fort Bragg "old" Front

Fort Bragg “old” front as it looked when purchased

The new window is frosted, it lets in tons of light but gives privacy to the person taking a shower. We wanted a large walk-in shower with a flat entry and frameless shower doors, you can see how much light that new window lets into the room. Increasing the size of the shower meant that we needed to move the toilet and reduce the size of the vanity. We purchased a dark blue molded glass sink from our friend John Lewis at his yearly seconds sale and found a small piece of marble at a close-out sale.

First, here is the “old” bathroom:

Fort Bragg "old" Bathroom with Sunken Tub

Fort Bragg “old” Bathroom with Sunken Tub and Privacy Screen

Fort Bragg "old" Bathroom Vanity and Sink

Fort Bragg “old” Bathroom Vanity and Sink

New Vanity and Sink

New Vanity and Sink

New Shower Window From the Inside

New Shower Window From the Inside

And we have a new front door as well as the new bathroom window.

New Front Door and Bathroom Window

New Front Door and Bathroom Window

Ok, it’s time to show the finished kitchen. Some of you may have already seen some pictures. The sliding glass door off the kitchen has now been replaced with a French door.




Center Island

Center Island

Center Island

Center Island

Remember that raw redwood board?

Old Growth Redwood

Old Growth Redwood

Here it is on the finished cabinet.

Redwood Top to Cabinet

Redwood Top to Cabinet


Wood is so amazing!

If anyone in Fort Bragg, CA is considering a remodel, I am happy to share the names and give recommendations for the appliance store, custom window/shower glass store; not to mention our painter, cabinet maker, and contractor. We are extremely happy with the quality of their work and found them very professional to work with.

But you can’t have our contractor until we complete phase II, an addition on the back of the house.

The Architectural and Engineering Plans - Phase II

The Architectural and Engineering Plans – Phase II

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and comments along the journey!

26 thoughts on “August – Fort Bragg Remodel Finished!

    • Thank you! Not sure when we will be able to start phase 2. The first phase was just a remodel and we didn’t need permits, we will for this next phase. And, our contractor has moved on to other jobs so we need to get on his schedule. But this will be our retirement home, we need to “down size”. It’s too much to keep two households and gardens going plus work.


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