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November In My Kitchen is really about the October events. And truthfully, there isn’t much to tell. The next post in November (which will be posted in early December) will be an entirely different story. October was very quiet in the kitchen because most of the work and fun has been going on in the garden. To get an update you can click on this link, In My Garden – November 2018.

In My Kitchen is a collected series of posts (sometimes called IMK for short) hosted by Sherry of Sherry’s Pickings. Click on this link and you will be able to read other posts about fascinating things and wonderful ingredients in kitchens all around the world. It is especially fun to read about kitchens in your opposite hemisphere. For me in Northern California that would be the Southern Hemisphere, where spring is just starting.

But there are a few new things in my kitchen.

I purchased a large bag of porcini mushrooms while we were in Italy in September.

Dried Porcini Mushrooms

I was looking forward to making something with them, they are terribly expensive here in the states. November is the beginning of the fresh mushroom season (it’s a big deal up here on the coast). Fresh mushrooms of infinite varieties are stocked in the local grocery stores and even at roadside stands.

Deborah Madison in her new book, In My Kitchen, had a recipe for dried porcini, fresh mushrooms, and tomatoes that looked delicious. It was a perfect opportunity to sample the dried mushrooms.

In My Kitchen by Deborah Madison

It would be a wonderful vegetarian main dish served over polenta. We served it as a low carb (we did just get back from Italy after all) side with a few slices of steak. I will post the recipe in few days.

Porcini and Stewed Tomatoes

New In my kitchen is this antique Bakelite tomato knife. It was a gift from my friend Dianne, who is an avid thrift store and antique store shopper. Bakelite was the first plastic made from synthetic components by an American chemist in Yonkers NY in 1907. This one has a wonderful retro look.

The first cranberries are appearing in the markets and I made this apple-cranberry sauce to take to dinner at a friend’s house. He was making pork roast and asked us to bring the apple sauce. I couldn’t resist making something more seasonal.

Apple Cranberry Sauce

Lastly, new in my kitchen is the makings of Michael Chiarello’s fennel spice rub. It’s a favorite in our household; a mixture of toasted fennel, cardamon, white peppercorns and salt. I usually add some cumin seeds because I love them so much. I often give it in small jars as a present during the holidays.

Fennel Spice Rub

Happy Holidays everyone!

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18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – November 2018

    • Thank you for visiting Jane. It was very aromatic. I want to make it again with the dried and fresh porcini, I have just started seeing them in the grocery store.

  1. hi Liz
    thanks so much for joining in IMK this month. I wish we could get fresh cranberries here. we’re lucky to even find frozen ones nowadays! I adore that antique knife. I collect old knives with bone handles. they used to be cheap as chips; but now that they’ve become trendy, they cost up to $15 each!! outrageous:) I have a feeling we wouldnt be able to bring in dried mushies to australia. Customs are very very strict about such things. they used to spray us with cans of insect repellant when we came home from overseas. uurrggh have a good month. cheers sherry

    • I was surprised no one said anything at customs. But I, unfortunately, didn’t bring back any cheese or salami or fresh foods. I think the sniffer dogs would have found those immediately.

  2. Cranberry-applesauce! Yum! Cranberries are a definite bonus in the fall! I love to put them in baked goods (when I get around to baking). I just bought my first bag of the season.

    best… mae at

    • Hi Mae, thank you. I loved the slight tartness and the color they added. I’d love to make some cranberry chutney while they are in season.

  3. Porcini are a wonderful mushroom, fresh or dried. I love to take a handful of dried porcini and grind them to a powder in my spice grinder. I then use the powered porcini on top of pasta dished and such.

  4. I swear I can smell that fennel spice rub just looking at the picture – mmmmmm! I’ve never seen a knife like that before, looks very interesting. Happy November. =)

    • It is very aromatic! Delicious in soups or on a baked chicken or sprinkled on cauliflower before roasting. Happy holidays to you, we are at the beginning of the crazy season.

  5. That’s a very cool knife. makes me want one of my own. I haven;t bought cranberries yet but I’m sure by thanksgiving I will want to start cooking them. Love ’em.

  6. That’s a grate blade on the antique knife. I am going to use your idea for that spice rub as gifts, too. Thanks! I haven’t purchased cranberries yet, but I am an avid pomegranate buyer this time of year.

  7. Liz, how blessed are the folks who receive your customized spice blend as a gift! Also loved your Bakelite tomato knife with it’s “curvy” blade and one of a kind handle, as well as your seasonal treats. All good things In Your Kitchen! xo

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