In My Garden – January 2020

The rain has finally stopped for long enough for me to take some photos. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rain and am very grateful on many levels. I’ve pruned most of my perennials back and even more have died back, the garden looks a bit bleak. I remind myself that it could be worse, we don’t get snow and a frost is rare. Our yard is only about a half mile from the Pacific Ocean and the weather is more similar to the Pacific Northwest than it is to the rest of California. In addition we don’t get the summer heat because of the fog. When the interior of the state warms up, it pulls the fog into the coast. But like the rest of California, our summers are dry and the winters wet.

Although the garden looks bare and dreary, there are signs of spring. Bulbs are emerging and there are some small native annuals coming up. Those are self sown from last year’s plants. They eventually find the place in the garden where they are happy and come back each spring.


The winter blooming hellebores are starting to bloom.


The vegetable garden contains mostly kale which loves the cooler kale

It’s a struggle to keep the slugs and birds from devouring the peas (both snap and sweet flowering).

The Cupheas are still going strong, they seem to bloom non-stop whatever the season. So the hummingbirds have a year round source of nectar. These are grown as annuals in the colder parts of the country but they are perennials in our milder climate.

As well some of the salvias are still blooming, more nectar sources.

Here’s a quick peak at the whole garden…

Looks a bit sad right now. But spring will be here soon, meanwhile we love the rain. Happy gardening everyone, it’s time to explore the new 2020 seed catalogs.

6 thoughts on “In My Garden – January 2020

  1. My garden is covered in 2 ft of snow so yours looks lush and verdant. thx for the pictures to remind me it’s green somewhere!

    • Thank you Diane, I bet your own bursts into bloom once the snow melts. But, you have skiing in your backyard. Some consolation.

    • Thank you. This time of year I have always worry about plant survival. Have I pruned too hard? Will they come back? Should I pull them out now and put in something else? It’s a struggle to wait until spring.

  2. Although we’re experiencing our mildest winter on record, we’re still a bit away from spring. So, it’s grand to see your garden to remind us of what’s to come.

    • I look forward to reading and seeing pictures of your new garden. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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