In My Kitchen – February 2023

It’s been several months since my last In My Kitchen post. So long in fact that I have to show a picture of the 2022 Christmas tree. No way it should be left out, even though it’s February. I could admire it from my spot in the kitchen.

Christmas tree 2022

Christmas tree 2022

New mugs from Christmas…

And Christmas brought me some wonderful new cookbooks.

Since then several others have found their way into my bookshelf. You could say that cookbooks are a bit of an obsession.


I read cookbooks like some others might read a novel.

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page is a frequently used reference book, the  The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is her newest. As we are trying to eat less meat these day, it’s a valuable reference.

Rick Stein’s book is a nostalgic look at French cooking.

The SOBO COOKBOOK comes from a restaurant in Tofino, B.C. where we spent time in early January. Unfortunatey the restaurant was closed when we were there but I can vicariously enjoy it through the book.

Ella Risbridger’s book reads like a memoir with recipes. It relates her experience of dealing with the death of a loved one and the changes in her life. As it’s 2020 and the book goes from January to December, it’s also the story of the beginning of the pandemic. She lives in London but I could relate to many of the uncertainty and worry of 2020.

You may have seen her first cookbook Midnight Chicken which has a wonderful recipe for roasted chicken as well as many others.

In keeping with our resolution to eat less meat, there are several new meals in rotation.

Eggplant pizza

Eggplant pizza with cheese, artichokes and mushrooms

The risotto was made in the electric pressure cooker. I am repeating it this weekend with mushrooms.

Sheet pan gnocchi with sweet peppers and onions

Sheet pan gnocchi with sweet peppers and onions, there were a few slices of sausage in there but I am not sure they are necessary and won’t add them again.

As Quinn watches in disbelief and shock, Shanna sits for a leaf of arugula. Subsequently she devoured it and barked for more.

I will sit for arugula

I will sit for arugula

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13 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – February 2023

  1. hi Liz, thanks for joining in. Love your Christmas tree! We only just took ours down on Feb 2 which is Candlemass day. Apparently that is a thing for some people, as it is 40 days from the start of the Christmas period. We were just too busy and lazy 🙂 Love Ella’s books! She is a wonderful writer, and i enjoy her poetry and children’s book too. Such cute dogs you have. And I am drooling over that eggplant pizza! Have a great month. cheers Sherry

    • Thanks Sherry. I just finished one of Ella’s books and it was great fun. I will have to look into her poetry.

      And I love the reasons for leaving up your tree, I feel much better as our own was still up when we returned from Canada on Feb. 8th.

  2. An Arugula-Loving Dog is a wonderful thought. Your cookbook collection is great!

    best… mae at

  3. Our dog has an aversion to anything green unfortunately!

    I am curious about the Year of Miracles. I have looked at one of her other books previously.

    • Maybe you can get it from the library, I recommend it. It has also made me think in greater depth about that year. And I have started to look over my 2020 posts. It was quite a year of emotional ups and downs for all of us. It felt like it could be the end of the world. And depending on where you lived, our governments took very different responses. We were supposed to go on a two week New Zealand hiking trip 5 days before NZ closed their borders (our flights were leaving in 2 days). We called the tour company when we found out the borders were closed, they hadn’t even heard. And now, in March of 2023, we are preparing to resume that trip.

  4. Your meals look amazing, especially the pizza. I am another person that reads cookbooks cover to cover like some do novels. lol Such cute dogs. I have a cat that loves lettuce and arugula also.

  5. I loved Midnight Chicken so I want to pick up this book as well by Ella. I covet the swan mug! As always, enjoyed the pups!

  6. Liz I though I had sent you a message when I read your blog on my email. Now I am on IMK so I’ll remedy the situation. Your eggplant pizza looks so delicious,we are trying to eat less meat too, and I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.Quinn and Shanna are gorgeous, I miss our late Locky dog. He was so adored. Your sheet pan gnocchi looks delicious. Love your Christmas mugs.Best, Pauline

    • Thank you for your kind comments Pauline. Surprisingly I don’t miss it as much as I thought either. My husband is not quite as convinced but we will get there. Pizza is a good place to start. I am so sorry about your pup, they fill up a home with their spirit.

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