May 2023 – Goodnight Sweet Casey


Casey – toss the ball again Mom

Our beloved Casey passed away last week, she was almost 14. The above is one of my favorite pictures of her, she loved the beach and was so joyous there.

I can’t write too much because I will start sobbing. She was the best dog ever…smart, patient, loving, and calm. She was a couch potato of an Aussie in many ways. When my husband and I were still working, we took the dogs to a doggie-day-care business in Oakland. They would say that if the dogs were human, Casey would be the captain of the chess team and Quinn (her sister from a later litter) would be captain of the volleyball team. It was a good description of their personalities.


Here are a few of my favorite photos from past years.

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They would both wait patiently at the door until we came home.

She adored belly rubs.

There have been many visiting doggie friends over the years, she got along with them all.


She was joined at the hip by her sister, Quinn.

She loved playing ball at Seaside Beach.

Her coat was so thick and heavy that we had her clipped in the warmer weather. She immediately looks half her size.

And then there were three…Shanna joined the pack.

Casey, Quinn and Shanna

Casey, Quinn, and Shanna
What have you done Mom?

Puppy Shanna adored Casey but certainly tried her patience.

Quinn is not alone. Shanna joins her on the porch to watch for squirrels and the UPS delivery van.

Quinn and Shanna

Quinn and Shanna

We buried Casey among the trees so that she could become part of the surrounding forest. She loved the freedom of Fort Bragg, being outside with me while I gardened.

Quinn resting on Casey's gravesite

Quinn resting on Casey’s gravesite


paper collage

paper collage – Casey

13 thoughts on “May 2023 – Goodnight Sweet Casey

  1. I will always think of Casey carrying her “baby” around in circles to decoy Quinn lol. She is missed 😢 ♥️

  2. A beautiful tribute to Casey. She was the Best Girl, and she will be very missed I know. You and she were lucky to have found one another.

  3. these are lovely photos. so sorry to hear about Casey. it is so heartbreaking when they pass. Such great memories you must have tho! all the best.

  4. Liz, they say it takes a couple of weeks before the pain of loss of a pet begins to turn to joyful memories. It’s taken me a couple months and it’s just started, it does get better.
    Thanks so much for sharing this as I know it was hard to put together…

    • Thanks Ron, it has certainly taken more than a couple of weeks but I do have wonderful memories. My eyes fill with tears at unexpected moments. I am so sorry about your Chloe.

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