In My Kitchen – January 2021

In My Kitchen – January 2021

In My Kitchen is a collection of posts from around the world. You get to read (and see) what happened in December in kitchens far and wide. There are new baking supplies, new utensils, fanciful decorations, time saving devices and even dog stories. Come join us and consider adding your own. Visit Sherrys Pickings: In My Kitchen. 

January 4 is the first day of my annual 30-day healthy eating plan. With a few friends we have been doing this every January for the past 4 years. We cheer each other on and support each other through our individual difficult spots. For some it’s the sugar or carbs, others late night eating, and still others that 5 pm cocktail. It’s time for a reset with an emphasis on whole foods…grains, lean protein, and lots of fruit and vegetables.

This year my goal is to get back into my skinny jeans. My closet sits abandoned as I wear the same yoga pants or tights and sweatshirts day after day. Comfortable but certainly not stylish. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I want to be ready. Ready to eat in a restaurant, ready to attend a concert, ready to meet my friends, ready to have someone else make me a cocktail, and ready to go back to the gym (if my yoga pants are not worn out by then).

You can find details of the diet and some recipes by clicking on the category “30 day Metabolic Diet” on the right side of my blog. You will need to use your computer as the categories don’t show up on the mobile app.

Here is one to tease you, Phase 1 Greek Chicken Casserole.

So, what’s new in my kitchen?

An air fryer is what’s new, a Christmas gift. I have been lusting after one for several years but was worried about storage. My sister-in-law finally convinced me that it was a good investment. I cooked our Christmas Brussel sprouts in it and they were perfect.

Brussels sprouts in the air fryer

Brussel sprouts in the air fryer

It has a large basket, I expect I can cook most things in one batch. I will be looking for recipes and welcome any suggestions.

In My Kitchen I have some new dishes from Heath Ceramics. I love their heavy weight and nature inspired glazes.

In My Kitchen I also have a beautiful blue woven bowl, a gift from a dear friend. It was made by Linda Livingston in Florida. If any of you out there are interested, she makes the most beautiful baskets. You can reach her at

Blue Woven Bowl

Blue Woven Bowl

I envision it filled with fruit on the kitchen counter.

In My Kitchen I have a box of pears from Harry and David in Oregon. My brother and sister-in-law send us two boxes every Christmas. They are absolutely delicious.


Pears from Harry and David in Oregon

In My Kitchen it smells fantastic due to making more braised dishes now the winter weather has started. It’s been unusually cold here in N. CA and braised meats are welcome.

I have already posted the recipes for citrus and holiday spiced pulled pork and the slow cooked, spice-rubbed beef with cranberries. Click on the name for the link to the recipe.

From my kitchen I can see our Christmas tree. We will be taking it down in a few days but it makes me happy to see it.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2020

The ornaments have been collected over the years and many come from my parents. There are a few grade school projects still treasured. Tea towels and ornaments come back from our travels, bringing back the memories as we hang them on the tree each year.

I wish you all a healthy and happy 2021.