In My Kitchen – January 2022

In My Kitchen – January 2022

Happy New Year everyone!

And here we are…again.

How are you?

I missed posting on IMK last month, the month just got away from me. It was lovely gathering with friends and family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. I was grateful for every minute we spent together. Our gatherings were small, all of us who were eligible were vaccinated and boosted, and they felt safe. We were careful, so careful. It paid off, everyone is still healthy. What a horrible thing we have to worry about, that you might accidentally infect someone you love!

Hopefully you were able to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

We hosted a chili party on New Year’s Day to toast the start of 2022. I meant to take pictures of the chili but we were having way too much fun. Even though it was the coldest day of the season, to date, we managed to have a good time. Our tummies were warmed by chili, our outsides by a fire pit, heat lamps, good friends, and warm winter coats.

Woefully the only pictures I have is of the kitchen the next morning…

The second run of the dishwasher swept them all away. Sadly for us there were very few leftovers.

So, what’s new in my kitchen?

New is this amazing warming tray that kept the various versions of chili hot. I has a large surface so it can hold several large pots. It will be useful for future parties. I am optimistic.

Warming Tray

Warming Tray – Quinn looking on: “what you doing…gonna give me any leftovers?”

I kept the tray just inside the door to the outside deck. Party goers could pop in and fill their bowls with hot chili (get warm for a minute), then add all the trimmings from bowls on a table outside.

In My Kitchen I have some new Christmas cookbooks. I haven’t had a chance to peruse them yet but am looking forward to it. I need inspiration. After two years I have lapsed into a rut as far as meals. We used to have or attend dinner parties once a week, there has been big change these last two years. Hopefully you, kind readers, will see some of the meals in future posts.

Christmas Cookbooks

Christmas Cookbooks

In my kitchen I have this lovely woven bowl in a gorgeous pink color. It was a gift from a long time friend in Florida. My minds eye can see how breathtaking a half dozen lemons will be in it. It came with a molded cloth that is intended to support a bowl in the microwave, and keep your hands from being burned. My friend knows that Paris is my very favorite city in the whole world. They both were made by an artist local to her who is a designer of art and functional objects, named Linda Livingston. Linda can be reached at if you would like to see or learn more about her art.

In my kitchen I have some new flour sack botanical napkins.

Flour Sack Napkins

Flour Sack Napkins

These are from a company called June & December. I really love the simplicity of the botanical embroidery. I crave minimalism in January after all the bling.

In fact, in my kitchen I have lots of napkins of all types and varieties. We use cloth instead of paper napkins and I love having a selection I can match to the food and my mood. These are freshly laundered as we used them for the party. They were given to me by the same thoughtful friend in Florida.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins

In my kitchen I always have dogs underfoot. Casey at thirteen is endlessly patient with Shanna, the puppy, who wants to cuddle with her. But Casey knows that Shanna is just looking for an opportunity to be naughty.

Casey and Shanna

Casey and Shanna

Shanna is also funny, she has yet to meet a fruit of vegetable she doesn’t adore and she loves ice. These photos were not exactly ‘in’ my kitchen but taken through the French doors of the kitchen looking out into the yard.

She clearly thought the other dogs were about to steal her stash.

The ice had been dumped from ice chests that held the drinks at the party. It was so cold that night that the ice was still on the ground in the morning.

So, here we are again. 2022 feels like an endless rerun.

I know that you may be tired, and anxious, and worried, and perhaps angry. I have been all of those. I think we need to be gentle with ourselves and each other this year. We are fragile.

This quote comes from a newsletter Sarah Bessey wrote, I think it is appropriate for this year.

Be…”Gentle with your words to yourself. Gentle with your expectations. Gentle with your demands. Gentle with your soul. Gentle with your plans, your time, your hours, your sleep. Gentle with your partner, your kids, your people. Gentle with your needs, your wants, your desires. Gentle with your mind and your body.”

I wish you a safe, healthy and happy New Year filled with love.