“In My Kitchen” – March

This post is part of a regular monthly gathering of food loving bloggers. “In My Kitchen” is hosted by the lovely Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. It’s a wonderful welcoming community and a facinating look at what is happening in kitchens around the world. Come join us and tell us what is happening in your kitchen.

Here is what’s new in my kitchen this month.

Sourdough starter from Celia, who has gifted the blogging community with little packages of promise. Her starter has gone around the world and I am a bit intimidated by the loaves the children of Priscilla (the name of Celia’s starter) have birthed.

Son of Priscilla

Son of Priscilla

Meet Sam, named after Sam Spade (of “Maltese Falcon” fame) and the gifted writer who created him, Samuel Dashiell Hammett. He lived in San Francisco from 1921 to 1929 and used city locations for his novels. My Sam has returned home, as one of Celia’s original starters came from San Francisco. Sam is also one of those names which can be either male or female, appropriate for yeast.

Here is Sam after the first feeding, bubbling away and ready to go.

Meet Sam

Meet Sam

Also new in my kitchen is a Falcon enamel baker, recommended by Celia for baking crusty sourdough. It came all the way from the U.K., I’ll be using it for the first time today.

Falcon enamel baker

Falcon enamel baker

My first two efforts were rated a C to C+ by the resident critics. I’m hopeful that the enamel pot will increase my score.

This loaf just came out of the oven, it’s 11 pm (well past my usual bedtime). Sam definitely has my number and is in control. But, I think this loaf will get an A from the in-house critics. It smells divine and the falcon baker has made all the difference. Thank you Celia.

Sam - son of Priscilla

Sam – son of Priscilla

Also new in my kitchen is an Emile Henry clay baker. I’ve been reading a lot about cooking in clay lately and am excited to try it.

Clay Baker

Clay Baker

New in my kitchen are two bottles of wine. These were made by my friend Barry Snyder from Crawlspace Cellars. I helped pick and crush the grapes for the rose and we bottled them both this past Saturday. The labels are not ready yet, the two bottles were a reward for an entertaining afternoon of work with the winemakers.

Mouvedre Rose and Zinfandel

Mouvedre Rose and Zinfandel

From my kitchen I can see my orchids blooming, the white one has been in bloom since early December and is still gorgeous. The pink orchid came into bloom the end of last month.

Amazon just delivered the March/April cookbook selection for the Cookbook Guru, an online cookbook bookclub. “The Food of Morocco” is by Paula Wolfert, one of my favorite cookbook writers. I’ve already settled on chicken tagine with prunes and almonds in the style of the Rif mountains as my first dish. Doesn’t that sound delicious? The bookclub is open to everyone if you would like to join in.

The Food of Morocco

The Food of Morocco

Lastly in my kitchen are two sauces, spicy lemon salsa verde and avocado sauce, ready to give instant pizazz to dishes of simple roast meat or vegetables.

Thank you for visiting my kitchen, what is new in your own?

33 thoughts on ““In My Kitchen” – March

  1. Oh how I love your new cookware! I think I am ready to tackle sourdough again, so an investment may be in order. I have an orchid on my kitchen counter, it may even bloom again. It’s been a year since it did last, but there is a new shoot with two tiny buds that show promise. 🙂

    • Orchids are the only houseplant I manage to keep alive 🙁 I’ve had mine for over 15 years and they rebloom every year (only once a year). But, the blooms last for months. I think they like the kitchen because it’s humid.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your’s is ready to put out a shoot.

  2. Your bread looks great! So glad the enamel baker helped, I have one coming in the mail tomorrow. I made my first loaf this morning without it. It was good but I know it will take more practice and the baker will help.

  3. I don’t have an enamel baker and have been cooking mine on a pizza stone. They have been very ‘rustic’ and so far, no two have been the same week to week. I probably don’t have the critical audience you do but there is certainly a lot more to learn. As to your own wine – get out! What a wonderful think to do and have. Hope it tastes wonderful. cheers

    • Hi Fiona, I haven’t tried a pizza stone although I have one. I agree, there is a lot to learn.

      We are looking forward to tasting the wine, it’s resting now as there is a certain amount of “bottle shock” when it is first bottled. The rose was fun because I helped pick the grapes, then crush them last September.

  4. Liz… FALCON enamel bakeware? Loved that, especially after your reference to Sam Spade of “Maltese Falcon” fame. (Or maybe my hubby & I have been watching too many Humphrey Bogart movies, LOL!) Your avocado sauce and wine and orchids also lent a ‘flair for the exotic’ to this delightful read.

  5. Yum Liz, finally getting around to checking all the IMKs for March, just in time for April 🙂 That enamel Baker looks so amazing, I can’t wait to get one! Everything looks so delicious and isn’t fresh homebred bread so great, especially all the way from Australia! Thanks for sharing! Liz xx

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