December – Dual Fuel or All Gas Range???

Happy holidays everyone. I need some recommendations and thoughts from the blogging community. As you may know, we are getting ready to embark on a major remodel of our cabin on the Northern California coast. The kitchen will be a major part of that project. I am struggling with the decision between a dual fuel (gas burners and electric oven) or all gas range. I’ve heard that the major advantage of an electric oven is for baking. However, the all gas is significantly less expensive than the dual fuel version. And, unlike so many of you amazing bakers, I don’t do much baking. Roasting will be the main use of the oven, maybe an occasional broil when the weather is bad and we can’t pull out the BBQ.

The internet has arguments on both sides. I’ve heard the major problem with a gas oven (in addition to no self cleaning options) is the variation in temperatures, but also heard that it can be overcome by putting pizza stones or quarry tiles in the bottom. My husband is pushing (gently) to the all gas range and has even (gasp!) offered to do the cleaning.

The appliance store (of course) wants to sell us the more expensive model. Please comment and weigh in on your experience.What do you think?

The picture is of the current kitchen, prior to demolition which will take place sometime in January.

Thank you for your help.

11 thoughts on “December – Dual Fuel or All Gas Range???

  1. Hi Liz, it’s a while since I used a gas oven now but I much prefer electric, the heat is much dryer, better not just for baking but roasting too, your roast potatoes will always have a crispy edge from an electric oven. Definitely gas burners for the top though for instant control.

  2. Hi Liz,
    If I were redoing a really nice kitchen I think I’d try to go for dual. Those I know who have gas cooktops and electric ovens with convection love it. The convection can really even out the heat and speed cooking & baking. One way to think about the extra cost is, say the difference is $500 (I have no idea what the dif really is) and you’re going to use it over 20 years. That’s $25 per year or about $2 per month. Is that worth it to you?

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