January – Fast Metabolism Week 2 phase 1

Here we go again, back at phase 1 for two days. How are you doing? The waist on my jeans is looser, yippee!

I did an experiment last night with cooking oatmeal sous vide. I found that the overnight cooking did not require a change in the recommended oats to liquid ratio. And, I much prefer the steel cup oats to regular rolled oats (even the more expensive organic type). Another recommendation is to try and find unsweetened oat milk and replace half the recommended liquid with oat milk. Of course you could also use regular milk or half and half (rice milk didn’t do much) or coconut milk…oh my the possibilities. But in phase 1 stick to oat milk. This time I didn’t add any fruit. The freeze dried fruit is definitely better. If using any other type (including raisins) add them after the oatmeal is cooked.

Breakfast: Overnight oatmeal with fresh blueberries and cinnamon

Sous Vide Overnight Oatmeal

Snack: Pear

Lunch: Open faced turkey sandwich with mustard, tomato, cucumber, red onion and arugula.

Snack: Apple

Dinner: 5 Hour Beef Stew with Brown Rice

5 Hour Beef Stew

I miss that morning dose of caffeine but don’t have a headache, just find I am a tad slower first thing.

Remember your exercise, some form of aerobic activity today. And drink lots of water.

5 thoughts on “January – Fast Metabolism Week 2 phase 1

  1. I’ve been reading all your posts, just haven’t had the time to comment on them all! What a bunch of adventures you’ve been having…I think I’d just be eating out or ordering in all the time!

    • Tempting, since the apartment we are temporarily renting is in the middle of the restaurant section of town. But we have been too tired at the end of the day, and too dirty. Looking forward to the time in a few weeks we can enjoy it. Thanks for reading Mollie.

  2. Liz, I was so inspired by what you initially wrote about the Fast Metabolism Diet, I ordered the book. (My tendency is to do “research” in-depth before embarking on any life altering path — not that I didn’t take your word for it. 😉 The book didn’t arrive until after Jan. 8th so I’m lagging behind a bit, but I’m gearing up for a “Monday start” soon — OR possibly Feb. 1st to do the 28 days in 28 days — never mind that 2/1 falls on a Thursday! I was very impressed by the “science” behind it, plus her recipes (and yours) appeal to my soul. Sounds like you’re making great progress… and great food! Keep it up, xo.

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