February – Fast Metabolism Week 4, phase 3

Here we are, in the last few days of the four week cycle. I admit that I veered off the program last night. We sold our house in Oakland this week and friends wanted to celebrate with us, I had some wonderful champagne (and then, with resolve weakened, some chocolate). Under the circumstances I don’t think it was a horrible mistake, I am almost at my goal weight. My thought is to go another week to make up for the cheats, probably not exactly at the end but after a week’s break.

I will continue to post recipes that are appropriate to different phases of the diet, and link them to the appropriate phase. My hope is to make it easier for anyone who follows to find food that is easy, delicious and appropriate. Search through my categories for Fast Metabolism to find the full listing of the various weeks, menus, and recipes. Then follow the links to find the recipes and menu ideas.

Phase 3 is a treat after the restricted high protein days of phase 2.

Breakfast – sprouted wheat toast with avocado, red onion, smoked salmon and cucumber.


Breakfast – phase 3

Snack – 1/4 cup walnuts

Lunch – thinly sliced turkey breast with a smear of hummus, then wrapped around a cucumber spear. Blueberries.

Snack – 1/4 cup almonds

Dinner – roast chicken with brown rice and roasted vegetablesIMG_7115 2

Monday night we will de-brief and see how everyone did. Look for that post with my summary and comments.

Meanwhile, we consider this diet a great success. We all lost weight. But even better, we all have a new appreciation and approach to food. Although it seems complicated, the diet was easy to follow. And, we didn’t die of boredom.

14 thoughts on “February – Fast Metabolism Week 4, phase 3

    • Hi Monica, I had two friends to keep my honest plus my internet group. Truthfully though, there were a few times each of us were not able to stick to the exact plan and it still worked.

    • It was a busy week that is for sure. Regained a couple of pounds with the celebrating but will hopefully take them off this week.

    • It is much easier doing it with friends, we set up a text group and encouraged each other as well as came up with meal ideas. Good luck to you.

  1. Liz, I really appreciated your progress reports and enticing recipes before I jump in. (Actually, I started yesterday — yay!) Congrats on selling your house and for being kind to yourself when you veered off course slightly. Champagne and chocolate will be hard to resist on Valentine’s Day (!) but life goes on. I already feel better about “eating better.” Again, thanks!

    • Hi Kim, I will continue to post some recipes. One of my friends is continuing on with the diet after a week’s break. She lost over 12 pounds and wants to loose another 10 or so. All of us are extremely happy with the results and how we feel as well. It seems to not leave you saggy as many diets do. So, please do keep me posted on your progress. Email or comment if you have questions or need support, and we would love to see any recipes you develop. Both my friends found this diet very easy to follow once we got the hang of it (we all hate Wednesdays and Thursdays), and because you don’t stick with a single program for too long, we didn’t get bored or tired of the food. Good luck and I am cheering for you!

  2. Champagne and chocolate – the perfect treat Liz…..I haven’t commented so much on your posts as the like and comment button no longer appears in my WordPress blog reader…..I have to click through and load posts….not sure if you’ve changed some settings but I’m still with you nevertheless!

    • Hmmm…I haven’t changed anything. I know the like button and comment area doesn’t work for me anymore on your own blog (and several others) but it does work if I load it on my computer. If you find out what has changed let me know. And I am so pleased you are still with me.

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