In My Kitchen – June 2018

This month is about gratitude. I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude for wonderful and loving friends and family who joined us to celebrate our new home, two significant birthdays, our 30 year anniversary, and survival. Survival through my second brush with cancer last year. i have a lot to be grateful for.


My kitchen and home in Fort Bragg was filled with those friends. Here is a small glimpse of those who came to celebrate. I wish there were more pictures. We had such a lovely time that we were too busy to take them. Even the playlist (that I spent hours pouring over) never got played. It would have interrupted the conversation.

My tartine sous chefs – Diane, Pat and Jane

I had lots of eager help. These lovely ladies came from Florida and Texas, they were my sous chefs for the three tartines served as a first course. Such a joy to have them in my kitchen.

In my kitchen is pickled asparagus, wonderful minced and mixed with sour cream (and/or mayonnaise) as a sauce for roasted asparagus.

Pickled Asparagus

Roast Asparagus with Pickled Asparagus Sauce

In my kitchen I had another sous chef who helped with the lentil salad and many more tasks in the week prior to the party.

Lentils with roasted cauliflower, almonds, dates and sliced onions – Marylinn

The lentil salad was a big hit. Thank you to my book club friend who recommended the recipe and my San Diego friend who helped assemble it.

Roast cauliflower and lentil salad with dates and almonds

In my kitchen I had grilled salmon. My husband was able to purchase an entire 18 pound salmon in Oakland’s Chinatown a few days before the party. The recipe came from A Boat, A Whale & A Walrus by Renee Ericklson in Seattle. It was amazing. Only a little was left over to be smoked by another friend. Look for that in next month’s post.

Grilled Salmon with Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Salad

In my kitchen I had sous vide chicken breasts with magic green sauce.

Sous vide chicken breasts with magic green sauce

Sous vide chicken breasts, coconut brown rice

And in my kitchen I always have an eager clean up crew.

We are ready anytime you need us!!!

Thank you everyone or coming and spending time in my home and kitchen; whether in person, in spirit, on on line. I truly feel blessed.

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18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – June 2018

    • I agree, we don’t stand alone. Those connections become very important and I realize that there are many times in the past years that my life could have been snuffled out, easily. We need to treasure each moment.

  1. I am grateful for you, Liz, and we WERE there in spirit! In fact, we were here in FL with granddaughter Tess, 8, who went non-stop for 3 days, and took us along with her! Even to and fro we played Road Trip Bingo! Took us a while to recover! Thanks for sharing the fun and menu of a celebration of all good things! Cheers and love!

    • I missed you but hope we can arrange a visit soon. I feel time slipping away. Thank you Abby. I think of you and our girlhood friendship more often these days. We are the keepers of each other’s past.

  2. hi Liz
    I am so sorry about your second brush with cancer and I am so glad you are celebrating, and in style! 🙂 Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you Petra. They caught this very early since I was being carefully monitored. I am very lucky to not need follow up radiation or chemo.

  3. Thanks Liz for a peak into your new kitchen, home and the banquet that you served for your house warming. Everything looks so tasty. I love the clean up team too. Best wishes for your new life in this lovely house, and I am very pleased to hear that your brush with cancer was caught early.

  4. Pickled asparagus reminds me of my mom. She’s been known to eat it straight out of the jar. Gratitude is such a good thing especially in times of struggle. Sorry to hear of your recent brush with cancer.

    • They are delicious straight from the jar! I salute her. And thank you. Good news is that my Drs caught it very early.

  5. hi Liz
    thanks so much for being part of IMK. so sorry to hear about your brush with cancer. my SIL is suffering breast cancer atm; sadly it may not be long for her. your food looks so delicious, and the platter with the lentil salad is a beautiful thing. lovely for you to have such great friends. cheers sherry x

    • So sorry for your SIL. It is such a devastating thing to lose someone you love. With newer genetic testing it turned out my family on my fathers side had a mutation. I’ve lost 3 aunts to breast cancer and several of my cousins have had mastectomies as well.

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